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May is Responsible Animal Guardian Month!

Being a responsible Animal Guardian, or as we like to call you - "pet parents" - requires more than the basics of care for your animal. All animals deserve basic care - good food, clean water, veterinary care and exercise. What else does it mean to be a responsible guardian?

The physical aspects of care are very important. Outside of the basics, grooming (nail clipping, trims, teeth cleaning) is very important for the health and longevity of a dog. Basic teeth brushing can prevent pain and discomfort, and expensive vet bills, that can ultimately lead to other physical ailments. Keeping your dog clean, nails clipped and hair at a reasonable length will all do wonders for the health and heappiness of your pup!

The mental and emotional aspects of care will pay dividends to both you and your dog. Your dog having soft places to sleep, play time with you and other people and dogs, opportunities for enrichment, training and novel experiences, will all ensure that your dog has all of it's needs met.

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