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We believe that training is one of the most valuable things that you can do for your dog - as well as for your relationship with your dog. Consistent, pain-free, force-free, positive training will not only help create a more solid, trusting relationship between you and your dog, but it can also help mitigate most negative and unwanted behaviors. Every dog is unique and the things that motivate them, how quickly they learn a cue, and how often you need to re-train will depend on the dog.

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I have two wonderful dogs - each who seems to have different motivations and goals. One of my dogs is motivated by food, while the other is motivated by praise and belly rubs. Finding the motivation that sparks interest for your dog is the most important part of training. What will make your dog look at you and pay attention, even if it is just for a short time? You will learn to use your motivational tool to maintain your dog's attention for a longer period of time, especially as you wok more together to further their training.

How much training does your dog need? While basic obedience is important because it helps your dog not only with house-training and appropriate playing, but also with impulse control, how far you take your dog in training is up to you and your dog. Once again, one of my dogs does not enjoy training for very long and he loves to be distracted by ANYTHING else, but he is a great companion dog. My other dog can handle long bouts of training and she responds amazingly to more and more complex training assignments. Make sure that whatever training path you choose, it is a comfortable and happy adventure for you and your dog.