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Happy October!

October has many great howlidays that you can share with your dog in a safe and fun way! From Halloween costumes to special treats, be sure to spoil your pup while keeping him or her safe!
You can check out our blog on dogs in clothes to learn more about clothes and costumes on dogs (we love it - if your dog loves it!).

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There are special treats that you can make your dog (and make them holiday -themed with simple cookie cutters) out of ingredients that you already have - just be sure to research them online to ensure they are safe. Our current favorite is a ground beef, peas and pumpkin cookie in the shape of fall leaves - we love making them and our dogs love eating them!
October is full of interesting animal themed holidays. For the entire month, we celebrate a few big events!

Adopt A Shelter Dog Month: Started and supported by the ASPCA, this is a celebration and awareness of shelter dogs. Most dogs in shelters are surrendered for reasons that are outside of their control, such as owners moving or barking from boredom. Adopting can be a great way to give a shelter dog a new life!

National Animal Safety and Protection Month: Protection and safety for all animals, both domestic and wild. You can start at home by ensuring your dog has appropriate preventative medications and is kept on a leash when on walks. From there, you can find how you best want to serve the animals of the world and do your part!

National Pit Bull Awareness Month: Pit Bulls have a bad rap just for the way they look. There is not specifically a breed that is a “pit bull” – it is literally just physical characteristics that come together and someone judges if it is a pit bull. Whether a dog is classified as a pit bull or not, it is always important to remember that dogs are made, not born. A dog with excellent training, patient and loving owners, enrichment, good nutrition and appropriate socialization will be a great dog – no matter what breed they are. Learn as much as you can about dogs and “pit bulls” specifically because the more knowledge you have, the more you can educate and dispel the ridiculous rumors that surround these and other dogs. Education is key when it comes to advocacy and awareness.

There are many other amazing holidays this months - check out or Facebook page for more details!

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