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July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month!

July is one of the hottest months of summer, which brings some great opportunities for safe, outdoor activities and some icy, delicious puppy treats!

Independence Day is the day of the year where more pets go missing than any other day. Fireworks and loud parties are to blame for this - the sounds and sights can be too much for a dog and they will run to try to save themselves from something that they don't understand. There are many ways that you can help alleviate the scary sounds (check out our blog "All That Noise!" to learn more) and something that everyone should do for their pups is microchipping. Microchipping can assist in reuniting you with your dog should they go missing. For more information on microchipping, check out our blog !

July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day, so take the opportunity to make sure you have a plan for what you would do with and for your pet in case of a fire. Check with your local fire department for more ideas!

On July 31st, celebrate National Mutt Day so be sure to celebrate your favorite mutt (and all those other awesome mutts out there) in a special way!

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