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Fostering A Dog ~
Originally Aired July 1, 2016

Pet Parenting for Dogs

Have you ever considered fostering a dog in your home? What all does it entail? Join us for a free webinar on all things fostering! We will talk about what fostering is, what you can expect, what you may need, how to decide if fostering is right for you and how to get started! 

Pet Parenting for Dogs Course

We have just released our first online course! It's called Pet Parenting for Dogs and it covers everything the new dog owner would need to know and offers helpful hints and tips for the experienced dog owner. The course is completely free! Check it out!


Crate Recovery ~ ​Coming Soon

Fostering A Dog
It is difficult when your dog needs to recover from an illness or operation and the best method of recovery is crate containment, or crate "recovery". In this webinar, we will give you tips and ideas on ensuring you make your dog's recovery as safe as possible while combating boredom, and ways to keep yourself motivated!
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